Chris Jericho Accuses Brock Lesnar Of Using Homophobic Slur During Altercation

Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has claimed that Brock Lesnar used “homophobic terms” during their famous backstage confrontation in 2016.

Despite not being cast as the archetypical “tough guy,” Chris Jericho has never been afraid of a fight when he felt things had got out of hand.

Back in 2003, Jericho famously ended up in a fight with Goldberg. The pair had issues going all of the way back to their days in WCW, and the passage of time did nothing to chill the animosity.

On another infamous occasion, Jericho got in the face of Brock Lesnar. At SummerSlam 2016, Lesnar took on Randy Orton and simply demolished The Viper. Lesnar cut his rival open “hard way” delivering a series of devastating elbows straight to the side of his head.

The match eventually came to an end with the referee calling a halt to the action. However, Jericho was less than impressed with how the finish of the match went down. So much so that an incensed Y2J went nose-to-nose with The Beast as soon as he walked back through the curtain. Although the pair were eventually broken up by Vince McMahon, Jericho has now offered some more details on the incident.

During an appearance on the True Geordie podcast, the AEW star claimed that Lesnar used “homophobic terms” during the confrontation that would “probably get him cancelled.”

“I was in Gorilla [Position] and I was f**king angry about it and Brock [Lesnar] came through and he saw me angry about it and decided he wanted to challenge me. And we got into a little bit of an issue, but I was like, ‘F**k this guy, I don’t give a s**t how big he is. I don’t f**king care. It’s wrong.’ I will fight to the death, I will stand up to what I believe in till death,

“I remember being literally nose-to-nose with the guy [Lesnar], and he was laughing – and he was actually saying things that would probably get him cancelled if I said them, like homophobic terms you shouldn’t be saying.”

During the conversation, Jericho also said that he was ready to bite Lesnar’s nose off if the pair hadn’t been separated.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.