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Chris Jericho Recalls Bizarre Story Of Finding A Brain In A KFC Chicken Wing

Chris Jericho

Life on the road can be tough, especially when you’re Chris Jericho and you find a chicken brain tucked in your KFC.

One thing that musicians and wrestlers have in common is a love/hate relationship with life on the road. Travelling from town to town, as well as all over the world can have it’s positives, but it’s a lifestyle that doesn’t make nutrition and eating healthily easy.

Speaking ahead of an appearance on truTV’s Fast Foodies, Chris Jericho reflected on the allure of fast food while on the road. In conversation with Connor Casey for Comic Book, Jericho recalled a bizarre incident which saw him find a brain while eating at KFC in Japan.

“I remember one time Dr. Luther from AEW and I were in Japan, probably about ’95, and we went to KFC. …And Luther, his name is Lenny, showed me his wing and he goes, “Does this look right?” And in the back of the wing, there was a brain. It was kind of a mutated chicken or something that had a brain in its wing. And we were like, “I don’t think that’s part of the meal.”

So we took it back up to the front and showed them. And in classic Japanese tradition, all five of the workers came and they debated it, just trying to figure out what was going on. And they decided that they would give us a new piece of chicken. But the point was, it was like, I don’t think I really want chicken anymore.”

Speaking elsewhere, Chris Jericho recently reflected on the differences in travelling with WWE and AEW. The former AEW World Champion explained that his treatment is currently “miles better” than it ever was WWE.