Chris Jericho Says He Almost Bit Brock Lesnar’s Nose Off

Brock Lesnar Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho has discussed his intense backstage confrontation with Brock Lesnar and says Lesnar made homophobic comments to him.

Back in 2016, Brock Lesnar faced off with Randy Orton in the main event of SummerSlam. The bout came to an end when Lesnar rained elbow strikes down on Orton, causing The Viper to bleed and the referee to stop the contest.

Watching the action backstage was Chris Jericho and he wasn’t at all pleased to see Orton taking that level of punishment. To add to Jericho’s anger, nobody would tell the star if what he was seeing was planned or if Brock Lesnar was taking matters into his own hands.

Speaking on the True Geordie Podcast, Chris Jericho recalled watching the events from backstage and how his anger grew into a showdown with Lesnar:

“He was doing a match with Randy Orton and he was basically butchering him with elbows to the head. I didn’t know if it was planned or not, no one would tell me. Wrestling is a hard-hitting sport, but elbows to the side of the head can kill you.”

“When he was hitting him with the elbows, if this is real then it is bullsh*t, but if it is called, it is still bullsh*t because he is taking liberties and it is p*ssing me off.”

“I was in Gorilla and I was angry about it, he came back and saw me and saw I was angry about it and wanted to challenge me. We got into a bit of an issue, I was like f*ck this guy I don’t know how big he is I will take him on. I will fight to the death and stand up for what I believe in to the death.”

According to Jericho, he wasn’t concerned with what might happen to him at the hand of Lesnar but was focused on a big target right in the middle of The Beast Incarnate’s face:

“I was nose to nose with the guy and he is there laughing and saying things that would get him cancelled, homophobic things. I was like I am going to bite his f*cking nose off. I see this big fat nose in front of me, and if he takes a swing at me, I’m not saying this as a tough guy, I am literally going to bite his f*cking nose off and see how tough he is.”

“He might kill me, but he will walk around for the rest of his life with no nose. I don’t care about the homophobic thing, I wasn’t falling for it. This has gone to the next level now, this has f*cking become kill or be killed. I’m going to bite your f*cking nose off.”

“Triple H tried to break it up and we both told him to f*ck off which was hilarious. Then Vince got involved and basically broke it up and told me that he had told Brock to do that. No one else would say anything before that, but that was all down to Vince and Randy and Brock and whatever. But when it got down to the confrontation, it was real. Had it gone to the next step, I would have, he might have broke my face, but I will bite his nose off.”

During his appearance on the show, Chris Jericho also gave his thoughts on the allegations surrounding Vince McMahon.

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