Chris Jericho Appears To Respond To Reports He’d Work With CM Punk

Chris Jericho

By his own admission, Chris Jericho isn’t on CM Punk’s Christmas card list.

In fact, it has been reported that CM Punk doesn’t get on with a number of the top names in the AEW locker room. Unsurprisingly, this led to claims that Punk would face opposition should he want to return to AEW. This report came after CM Punk called out the likes of Jericho and Jon Moxley in a now-deleted Instagram post.

In the post, Punk called Jericho a “liar and a stooge.”

CM Punk hasn’t featured for AEW since his now infamous post-All Out rant, and subsequent fight with The Elite backstage. It has been reported that Jericho confronted Punk in the aftermath of the incident calling him “cancer.”

However, on April 13th it was reported that CM Punk could be set to return to AEW, and the “wheels are in motion” regarding a comeback. In this report, it was claimed that Punk is open to working with Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks, but they are less keen on working with him.

Punk has reportedly tried to push for a meeting with all involved. With regard to Jericho, it was noted that a meeting was planned between the pair to see if there was a possibility they could work together despite their “numerous issues in the past.”

This section of the report was put to Jericho on social media, with a message stating:

“Chris Jericho @IAmJericho, correct me if I am wrong but you’ve always been willing to work with everyone and you always do what’s best for business. People are foolish to suggest otherwise.”

The post was accompanied by a photo of Punk and Jericho. In response, Jericho wrote back “Not everyone.” While Jericho could be talking generally, many fans have taken this to be in relation to Punk given the circumstances.

Chris Jericho Believes AEW Will Thrive With Or Without Chris Jericho

During a recent interview, Chris Jericho was asked about CM Punk, with the first-ever AEW World Champion stating that “You don’t have to be best friends to co-exist.”

Jericho added that AEW would survive and thrive with or without CM Punk.