Chris Jericho Makes Bizarre Pitch To Add Professional Wrestling To The Olympics

Chris Jericho with the ROH World Championship

Professional wrestling icon Chris Jericho has been in the sport for a very long time and has achieved a lot of success, and he still has the same passion and love for it as he always has. So much so, that he wants to see wrestling in the Olympics.

In the entire history of the Olympics, professional wrestling has been a part of the event due to bouts being predetermined and storylines being scripted, and speaking of the storylines, the entertainment element has dominated the sports element through out the industry’s history — this has contributed to the Olympics not ever including professional wrestling.

Chris Jericho Wants Professional Wrestling In The Olympics

If you ask Chris Jericho, he believes that the predetermined and scripted nature shouldn’t hurt professional wrestling when it comes to the sport’s participation in the Olympics.

Jericho recently said on his “Talk Is Jericho” podcast:

“I literally want to go in front of the IOC, the International Olympic Community, and pitch pro wrestling as an Olympic sport. Now you might go, ‘How can you do that? It’s all [scripted].’

Now, hold on. Stop right there. Gymnastics, pairs gymnastics, figure skating, pairs figure skating, what is that? It’s two people working together to put on the best performance possible. There is no way we could not do the same with pro wrestling.”

Currently, professional wrestling is not a part of the Olympics, and there are no plans for it to be involved in the future, however, amateur wrestling is included in the Summer Games. Jericho would like to see that switched up, and fans are already speculating if he will actually take any action or not to make it happen.

Chris Jericho takes part in a four-way Ring Of Honor (ROH) Championship match against Bryan Danielson, Claudio Castagnoli and Jericho Appreciation Society (JAS) faction mate Sammy Guevara at AEW Full Gear.

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