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Chris Hero Reveals Whether Teaming With Cesaro Was Ever Pitched In WWE [Exclusive]

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Chris Hero has revealed whether he and Cesaro were ever pitched to wrestle as the Kings of Wrestling in WWE.

Cesaro and Hero had initially formed in Chikara, and went on to become CZW World Tag Team Champions, JCW Tag Team Champions, Chikara Campeones de Parejas, and ROH World Tag Team Champions – but Hero would say there had never been a plan to form in WWE.

Speaking with Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh, Hero – who wrestled in WWE until Kassius Ohno before his release in 2020 – would open up about his signing with WWE, and how he and Cesaro were instantly told they were not coming in as a tag team.

“No, there was not. When Cesaro and I had our tryout and Triple H pulled us aside and he kind of gave us an idea that they would be offering us a contract, one of the first things he said was, ‘This is not to bring you guys in as a team. This is to bring you guys in separately and develop you separately. Whatever happens down the road happens but this is not, hey, you guys are being signed as a team.’ So I never had any thoughts or hopes that somebody would see something. Cesaro also got maybe like a five-month head start down in FCW. So by the time I got in and was doing stuff, he was getting ready to go up to the main roster, so I did not spend a lot of time in developmental with him.”

Hero, who now hosts his own podcast ‘Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?‘ on AdFreeShows, did say that the pair would share the ring, primarily as opponents, before teaming against CM Punk and Seth Rollins in NXT.

“If anything, we were opponents. We had a match on FCW television. We had some three ways and such on some of the shows down there and then the one time that we did team was on a Full Sail dark match against Punk and Seth Rollins. That was Punk’s idea. He’s the one that pitched it and they went with it. So it started out, I believe, as Punk vs Cesaro. Aksana was there. She she caused some kind of a DQ. I ran out. We started beating up Punk and then here comes… I believe he was the NXT Champion at the time, Seth Rollins. And we started just one of those house show style tag matches to send the crowd home happy.”

The former Kassius Ohno also opened up about how he would wrestle Adam Cole, with Cesaro making the save, on his 20th anniversary.

“Also when my 20th anniversary as a pro wrestler came around, it wasn’t on the exact date, but around the same time frame, we were able to get it worked out in NXT at an Orlando live event that I wrestled Adam Cole and then here comes the Undisputed ERA to put the boots to me and then here comes Cesaro out to make the save and we had like a nice moment. But that was a really cool personal moment for me to be able to have that match with Cole, somebody that I’ve known since he broke in, and then to share that moment afterwards with Cesaro was very cool.”

Hero would reiterate that it would have been “awesome” to team with Cesaro, but that he was under no illusions that it would be possible in WWE.

“While it would have been awesome to team with him at various parts throughout our career, I did not have any illusions that that was going to happen.”

Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?‘ is available to listen to now via AdFreeShows.

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