Chris Hero Reveals Whether He Was Ever Main Roster Bound In WWE [Exclusive]

Kassius Ohno

Chris Hero has revealed whether he was ever main roster-bound in WWE, saying he had conversed with Paul Heyman but that it was never pushed for.

Speaking with Inside The RopesKenny McIntosh, Hero – who wrestled in WWE until Kassius Ohno before his release in 2020 – would open up about his WWE career, and whether it would ever become more than NXT.

“There was never a conversation with me about, ‘Hey, let’s get ready to pitch you going on the main roster at this point,’ it’s not something that was ever discussed in that way. It’s something that was on my mind, but not something that I was pushing for heavily because I just kind of understood the landscape of things. I knew my position and I knew the people that they were getting ready to call up and the people that they had groomed.”

Hero, who now hosts his own podcast ‘Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?‘ on AdFreeShows, would say that he also has no regrets that he never went to RAW or SmackDown, but that it had crossed his mind.

“I had conversations with various people over the years, like a Paul Heyman, for instance, and it’s just a matter of trying to present yourself in a way that someone up there is going to go, ‘Oh, OK, I see how this can fit in with what we’re doing. But I never made a strong push for that because I just didn’t think it was too realistic at the time. It’s not something I’m particularly disappointed by but there’s so many people up there that I have great in-ring chemistry with. There are a lot of opportunities that I think I could have done pretty well with. But my brain doesn’t focus too much on the woulda, coulda type things, so it’s not something that weighs heavily on me, but it has something that’s crossed my mind.”

Hero also opened up about those rumours that he was originally meant to be the third member of The Shield, as opposed to Roman Reigns.

Can Chris Hero Save Wrestling?‘ is available to listen to now via AdFreeShows.

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