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ChocoPro Announce Blocks For ‘One Of A Kind’ Tag League

Emi Sakura’s ChocoPro promotion have announced the blocks for the inaugural ‘One of a kind’ Tag League (or #OOAK, for short).

The official statement from the Gatoh Move (Choco Pro’s senior company) website describes the League as follows:

‘One of a Kind’ Tag League means a unique tag league, and it is an unparalleled tag league even if you look at professional wrestling all over the world, regardless of the format of the tournament or the combination of men, women and mixes.

The statement went on to note the inspiration behind the league’s unique hashtag:

Since it is a combination of acronyms, it is different from the actual spelling, but it is read as “oak”, and in Japanese it means oak or oak tree. There are more than a hundred oak varieties, which are strong, durable, and have a very long age of up to 1,500 years. We named this tag league with the desire to make it that big.

The league will feature eight teams in total, which will initially be split across two blocks, with the winners of each block squaring off in the tournament finals.

Teams entered are as follows:

A Block

Asia Dream Tag Team Champions The Best Bros (Mei Suruga and Baliyan Akki)
Tropikawild (SAKI and Yuna Mizumori)
Dragon Ninja (Sayuri and Choun Shiryu)
Wasshoi Aniki (Ryo Mizunami and Ayumi Hayashi)

B Block

Egg Tarts (Chie Koishikawa and Hagane Shinno)
Mi☆Sayaka (Minoru Fujita and Sayaka)
(White Komanechi) Tokiko Kirihara and Antonio Honda
Melt Brain Dancing (PSYCHO and CHANGO)

The League is spread out across June and July, in what will surely be the most ambitious undertaking in ChocoPro’s short history.

ChocoPro can be watched live or on demandfor free on their YouTube channel.