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ChocoPro #100 Day 2 – New Super Asia Champion Crowned

ChocoPro #100 Day 2 Super Asia Title Match Graphic

The main event of ChocoPro #100 Day 2 felt different; the usual light-heartedness that permeates ChocoPro went out the window of the Ichigaya Chocolate Square venue for its 26:41 run time.

Fighting to become only the second Super Asia champion, Baliyan Akki and Minoru Fujita squared off. It’s easy to forget how dangerous Fujita is when he competes in his dungarees in ChocoPro as a member of the Pencil Army, but the man is a former BJW Death Match Champion. Entering the contest already holding three pieces of gold in the Ruyo, Tokyo World Heavyweight, and King of FREEDOM Tag Team Championships, he came looking to add more hardware to his collection. Similarly, Baliyan Akki looked to win the vacant Super Asia title to become a double titleholder; already being one-half of the All Asia Tag Team champions along with partner Mei Suruga. In retrospect, it shouldn’t have been a surprise how seriously both men approached the contest.

The match itself was incredibly dynamic and both men tried to hit everything in their arsenal to pick up the win. Many of the moves almost felt out of place on the mats of ChocoPro, almost outrageously violent in contrast to many of the manoeuvres usually on display here. Foremost of those were a pair of tombstones and an exploder suplex. Eventually, after both men gave everything they had Fujita was victorious, getting the three count on Akki. Anguish painted on his face, Akki desperately reaching out for the belt that had just slipped through his grasp. Eventually, the two exhausted men sat side by side and backs against the wall, you could feel the respect they had for one another.

Despite the change in the usual temperature of ChocoPro for the duration of the match, everything fell back into its usually delightful pattern culminating in the Janken (Rock/Paper/Scissors) tournament, singing, and the eating of sweets.

But despite this return top to the trademark joviality of ChocoPro, one has to wonder whether Baliyan Akki, a performer right at the heart of the promotion, will be the same man after coming so close to achieving his goal.

You can watch all of ChocoPro #100 Day 2 here:

Full Results:

Emi Sakura & Sayaka Obihiro defeat Rin Rin & Sayaka

Chie Koishikawa & Hagane Shinnou defeat Chon Shiryu & Sayuri

Gabai Ji-chan & Kuishinbo Kamen defeat Emi Sakura & Lulu Pencil

Mizuki defeats Mei Suruga

Super Asia Title
Minoru Fujita defeats Baliyan Akki

You can watch all of ChocoPro’s previous 100 shows as well this show for free, as ChocoPro has no paywall, on their YouTube channel.
ChocoPro #101 will stream live on 3/4/21 JST.