Chicago Bakery Goes Viral Following CM Punk Pipe Bomb

CM Punk

Mindy’s Bakery in Chicago has received a surge in hilarious reviews after CM Punk mentioned them during his divisive appearance at the post-All Out media scrum.

At AEW All Out, CM Punk defeated Jon Moxley in the main event to become a two-time AEW World Champion. However, it was the aftermath of the show that had lasting repercussions for the star.

At the post-show media scrum, Punk sat with AEW President Tony Khan and verbally took aim at Hangman Adam Page as well as company EVPs The Elite for what Punk believes to be their part in spreading stories about Punk’s involvement with Colt Cabana’s diminished role in the company.

This led to an altercation between The Elite and Punk as well as his friend Ace Steel backstage and ultimately the suspensions of everyone involved in the melee as well as the vacation of both the World and Triops Championships.

During his tirade, CM Punk took time out to thank Chicago’s own Mindy’s Bakery for the muffins he was eating. This has led to the company receiving a number of hilarious reviews from wrestling fans related to the situation.

Some of the reviews, which have been taken from Google, can be found below.

  • “I’m hurt, I’m old, I’m tired and I work with f-ing children but Mindy’s Bakery brightens my day every day. It’s so good, I threw a chair at one of my coworkers. Try this place. You won’t be disappointed.”
  • “I give it five stars, but rest assured I’m not Meltzer”
  • “Yeah, this place is great but let me tell you about Scott Colton”
  • “Kicked down the door to get in line for these muffins. The first bite tasted a little Alpha-y and I prefer my muffins baked with Omega vitamins but overall I’d throw a chair at someone to steel a place in line for this things, they’re the Best In The World! Could’ve done without the barking dog in the corner but thankfully my buddy, Kenny, said something to his owner.”
  • “Man these pastries are truly a Bang for your Buck, or in this case, Bucks. Perfect treats after having to work with fn’ children.”