Chelsea Green Talks Playboy Aspirations, Reveals Dream Photoshoot

Cheslea Green

Following her WWE release, Chelsea Green has been very vocal about her Playboy aspirations, recalling posing at a casting call for the media giant before setting her sights on the wrestling ring.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Green has opened up about how she would love to lean back into glamour modelling, and discussed how she’d book her dream photoshoot! Green also broached the idea of WWE Superstars no longer having the option to venture into topless modelling.

“I mean, definitely! And then, on the other hand, I also understood that those rules come from, like, way above! They come from like the network. If the network doesn’t want people that aren’t PG or PG 13, then you’re not going to get that. But I do think that that’s what makes people different. Like, we don’t want to see all wrestlers the same. And I think that there’s a couple of wrestlers that play into their sexuality and they’re confident with their sexiness and stuff, but for a while there, all the sexiness was kind of gone!”

Chelsea Green added that we see “glimpses” of people “playing into their sexuality” used in WWE, and that anyone who wants to should be able to “lean into” that aspect of their character.

“We do see glimpses of it in, of course, Carmella and now Eva Marie and stuff like that and Franky in NXT. But I’ve just always been that girl. I’ve always loved being sexy and I’m okay with showing my body to an extent, so I just want people to, whatever they love, like they should be able to kind of lean into that 110 percent.”

As far as looking back at WWE Superstars embracing the “sexier” side of the business when she was growing up, Green pinpointed Kelly Kelly as someone she aspired to be like.

“Definitely Kelly Kelly! I just am SUCH a Kelly Kelly fan! I love her – and she’s done stuff with Maxim and things like that. But truly, I just feel like I belong in the Divas era anyway. I don’t know that I would have been great because they were so hot – where it’s like a different kind of beauty now. Like they were just so sexy but I just feel like all of those women I get along with now so well and I just would have fit in perfectly there, you know?”

And if she could choose her own Playboy photoshoot when those aspirations finally became reality, Green recalled an iconic music video.

“I would do, like, a Christina Aguilera – Dirrty style photoshoot. In one of the scenes, there’s, like, a wrestling or a boxing ring. I actually think it only has three ropes so it is a wrestling ring. Stuff like that. Like, grungy and gritty. Yeah, I’d like that Christina Aguilera style!”

You can read the full interview here.

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