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Chelsea Green Says She Was “Totally Shocked” To Be Released By WWE

Chelsea Green

On April 15th WWE confirmed the release of several WWE Superstars. Among the stars released were Samoa Joe, Peyton Royce, Kalisto and Chelsea Green.

Green initially signed with WWE in 2018, joining the NXT brand. The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion moved up to the main roster in November 2020, debuting on SmackDown. However, Green broke her wrist, during her first match against Liv Morgan, Tamina and Natalya and hadn’t been featured on WWE television since.

Speaking exclusively to Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful Select, (subscribe to Fightful Select on Patreon to see the full interview) Chelsea Green has now lifted the lid on her release.

Reflecting on the news, Green said that she was “totally shocked” to get the call, adding that she had been expecting it in previous years, but not this time around.

“I actually was totally shocked, I’m not going to lie. I understand it. You know, I wasn’t used and of course when I was used, I broke my arm. So I was definitely shocked. In previous years when they have done the releases, I was expecting more through those releases. I was kind of ready last year, and you know, times before. But this time I was very shocked because I know my potential in the company and I know what I bring to the table, which is something different. You know, character work, and acting skills and promo abilities that’s something that I know that I’ll thrive at, when I’m able to show that.”

Chelsea Green expanded further by revealing that if she hadn’t been tipped off that releases were taking place, she would have presumed the call was to discuss her return to the ring.

“Thankfully I was given a little bit of a heads up, a little warning… I was able to mentally prepare myself just in case, because I will say, if hadn’t have got that text, letting me know, I would have thought that phone call was for my debut!”

At the time that the news of the releases broke, it was believed that returning head of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis had been tasked with delivering the news. Green confirmed that this was the case, explaining that her existing relationship with Laurinaitis, and his straightforward nature, made the call easier to hear.

“Yes that’s what they said to me. He was very, very sweet to me. We’ve known each other since pre-WWE days. Just because I have a good relationship with the Bella’s and the Bella’s mom, I love them all, so he was kinda tied into that relationship. So he was very nice to me about it. I’m sure that’s a hard call to make over and over again.”

“I do really like the fact that he’s straight up. I really appreciate someone that’s straightforward and doesn’t bullsh*t with me, because I’m not a bullsh*tter. And that has got me in trouble in the past but, in the long run, I feel like it just works out better for everyone. When you just cut the shit and get straight to the point, and so, I’m glad that I got that call from him.”

As with previous releases, Green confirmed that WWE left the door open for her to return, commenting that the company have a “revolving door” policy. The former NXT star cited Jinder Mahal as proof that this is true, as after he left the company, he became WWE Champion following his return.

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