Chelsea Green Recalls Bizarre WWE Nun Pitch

Chelsea Green posing

Chelsea Green has recalled a left-field pitch from her time in WWE that would have seen her team with a former World Champion as a nun.

During her time with WWE, Chelsea Green was never really able to land a consistent spot on the main roster due to a mix of injury and lack of creative direction.

While Green has previously revealed that she pitched an angle to join forces with Bray Wyatt while was performing as The Fiend, she also came up with an idea to join another former World Champion.

From late 2019 and into 2020, Seth Rollins positioned himself as the self-styled ‘Monday Night Messiah.’ During this period, Rollins recruited Austin Theory and Buddy Murphy as ‘disciples,’ as they worked towards the ‘greater good.’

Speaking in a new interview with the Ten Count podcast, Chelsea Green explained that she once pitched to join the group as Rollins’ valet.

“I wanted to come out with him. I always thought I could be a good valet but also then be able to be in the women’s division,” revealed Chelsea Green. “I loved the idea of being a really 90s-style valet. So I wanted to come out with him as his follower. His disciple and just basically be like a yes-man, everything that he wanted when he wanted to stir things up in each division.”

Breaking down her pitch to Vince McMahon, Green revealed that the character would have seen her perform as a nun.

“I first pitched the character to Vince, and I said a nun. I think you just have this; everyone immediately has this thought in their heads about what that is and how that’s not going to work,” Green continued. “He was like; finally, he kind of laughed and said, ‘I need you to explain this for me.'”

“I explained like the look I had in mind. The attitude I had in mind,” she added. “The fact that it was more of building his following, of everyone following Seth Rollins to the ring. Finally, he’s like, ‘Oh, okay!’ You could see the wheels turning. A lot of the scenarios I pitched were like that. ‘Okay, like how could we make this work? Can we make this work?'”

Since leaving WWE in April 2021, Chelsea Green has appeared in IMPACT Wrestling, Ring of Honor and the NWA among others.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.