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Chelsea Green Outlines Her Goals For A Return

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Chelsea Green has detailed her main goal for when she returns to WWE television in the New Year.

The former NXT talent hasn’t had the greatest of luck in the last year. She was saddled with the unsuccessful Robert Stone storyline on the black and gold brand before disappearing from television altogether and taking to social media to bemoan how she wasn’t being used.

That wasn’t all, however. A planned storyline with Mickie James that would have echoed the former’s 2006 tale with Trish Stratus and seen Green promoted to the main roster was nixed, while her actual debut – which would have seen her renamed Victorious – ended in a broken wrist taking her out of the women’s Survivor Series Elimination Match.

Now, however, an upbeat Chelsea Green has spoken to AJ Awesome about her aspiration for a return in 2021 and her main goal to stay healthy in order to go as far as humanly possible:

“One goal would be to just stay healthy, for sure, and try not to get hurt again. Really, I just want to have a positive and impactful debut. I hope it’s in front of people, but if it’s not, that’s just the way the world is going right now and that’s okay. I just want to focus on getting back, debuting, and then we’ll go from there.”

Though no time frame has been given for Green’s return to the squared circle, she has had surgery on her broken wrist and is currently rehabilitating the joint with the hope that she can make the 2021 Royal Rumble which is currently slated for January 31.

Credit for the interview: AJ Awesome

h/t for the transcription: Fightful