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Chelsea Green On Possibly Becoming Charlotte Flair’s Protege

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has discussed the original plans surrounding her call up to the WWE main roster in 2020 and how she thought she’d be working with Charlotte Flair.

Green was let go from WWE on the 15th of April as part of a group of talent releases that included Samoa Joe and The IIconics. This brought an end to Green’s three years with the company.

As recently as November 2020 Green was called up to the SmackDown brand. However, in her first match, she suffered a broken wrist and had been out of action for several months. Green had signed a three-year contract extension with WWE that month as well.

Speaking to Fighful Select Chelsea Green detailed some of the stop/start call-ups she had endured in her WWE career. Green started by explaining her original call-up to the main roster at the end of 2019.

Green said:

“So, I originally got called up in December 2019. But it was kind of a weird call-up. It was a miscommunication, maybe between NXT and the main roster. I was called up, but I was, but I wasn’t. And then I was on TV in NXT, which I was so happy about, you know, obviously, I wanted to get called up, but nobody had made officials. So, to be then called to TV was awesome, and then Triple H pulled me aside in April or May of 2020, right before the pandemic, or right around that time, because we had just done a tag match. Charlotte and I vs. Io and Rhea, and that was the day I got officially called up.”

That match took place in May 2020 and saw Green and the then-NXT Women’s Champion Flair defeat Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley. After the match, Green explained that she heard rumours that she might be aligned with Flair in the future.

Chelsea Green explained:

“I was just kind of starting to get a little momentum. So, I didn’t hear anything. Funny enough, when I was out there at the very end of the match, I heard Charlotte; Charlotte raised my hand and said something. Something like, ‘She is going to be next,’ or something along the line that made me think that I was going to be partnered with her or I was going to be her protege.”

“Then I kind of heard rumblings of that in the weeks after that I was going to be, I don’t want to say the next Charlotte, but coming up behind her, with her as my mentor, which is amazing. Like, I don’t know if you can get a better spot than that. And, then, kind of radio silence until the next storyline I heard about. I heard about a lot of storylines.”

These plans never came to fruition and the SmackDown match in November would be Green’s last in the company.

Since her release from WWE, Chelsea Green has released new merchandise suggesting that she may be reverting to her previous ‘Hot Mess’ gimmick.

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