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Chelsea Green On Being Told She Wouldn’t Be Hired If The IIconics Were

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has discussed the pitches she made for characters and also revealed she was told she wouldn’t be hired by WWE if The IIconics were.

Green was part of a raft of WWE releases in April, with stars such as Samoa Joe, Kalisto, and Mickie James cut from the company. Since then she has launched her own podcast called ‘50 Shades of Green‘ as she prepares for her next steps in the wrestling business.

In an interview with Cultaholic, Green discussed the many pitches she made for characters for herself. She recently detailed sitting down with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and pitching dozens of ideas to him.

Green mentioned some of her ideas:

“Oh my gosh, I had so many. I had a Daisy Duke character, I had a sexy nun character for The Messiah [Seth Rollins]. Like what would be The Messiah’s follower or worshipper. I pitched to be Dominik’s girlfriend. I pitched so many. One of my favorites that I pitched was being a TRIIconic. So like trying to get in and be with them and do a fake Aussie accent and try and split them up, but have them realize that I’m really the crazy one,”

The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, were also both released by WWE on April 15th. According to Chelsea Green, however, it was a minor miracle the three women were all in the company at the same time.

Green explained:

“These girls have been my ride-or-dies, especially throughout my time in WWE. Funny story, actually, I was told that I would only get a job at NXT if Cass and Jess, aka The IIconics, didn’t pass their medicals because the three of us look so similar. Which, I actually love now. I think it’s such a compliment. Jokes on them, because they still hired me, right?”

Since beginning post-WWE life, both Billie Kay and Peyton Royce have trademarked new names for themselves. Kay trademarked the name Jessie McKay with Royce trademarking Cassie Lee as her new moniker.

Credit: Cultaholic

h/t Fightful for the transcription