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Chelsea Green Launches OnlyFans Account

Chelsea Green OnlyFans Bikini

Former WWE Superstar Chelsea Green has officially launched an OnlyFans account promising ‘exclusive content’ to subscribers for just $25/month.

Green would announce via social media that she had officially launched her Only Fans following previous rejection from the global organisation adding that fans would be treated to “exclusive content of myself & possibly Dude.”

The IMPACT Knockout has currently uploaded a range of content to the platform including behind the scenes WWE PC photographs alongside bikini photoshoots and private requests options, however, ‘The Hot Mess’ has stated very openly “NO NUDES, so don’t even try.”

This is not IMPACT Wrestling’s ‘Hot Mess’ first foray into modelling with Chelsea Green revealing that she previously posed topless at an open Playboy casting call when she was 19.

Speaking on a recent episode of her Green With Envy podcast, Chelsea Green discussed how her “obsession” with Playboy led her to an open casting call in 2010.

The revelation comes after the former WWE Superstar revealed that posing for Playboy is on her bucket list of things to do now she’s left WWE.

Green initially described how she became a fan of the company during high school, with dreams of one day appearing in the iconic magazine.

“Let me take you back to high school, that’s when my love for Playboy started… I was always kind of interested in Playboy, and as you guys know I’m open. I’m open with my body, talking to you, and I feel that Playboy is that same way. So 2005, is kind of, well my sister and I, discovered Girls Next Door.”

The former IMPACT Knockouts Champion continued, explaining how her fandom only increased with the rise of social media.

“My interest in Playboy never really died. When social media became a thing, I always followed Playboy, I always followed the newest Playmates and the Playmate of the year. I just had this obsession with Playboy and everything that it was.”

Chelsea Green revealed that although logistically it was difficult for her to try out for the company, an opportunity arose when she was visiting an ex-boyfriend in Chicago.

“My love for Playboy grew and grew throughout high school. I was always looking to see what age could you be be a Playmate at or pose for Playboy, and it was 18. And of course being a teenager in Canada it was not really that easy to try out for Playboy…”

“Summer of 2010 when I was going to hang out with my ex in Chicago, Playboy had a little open casting call. So 19-year old me thought ‘Why not?’ I had zero fear… I packed my bags and I went to Chicago and I freaking tried out for Playboy guys. How crazy is that? I haven’t really told anybody that. My sister knows.. and my sister is trying to track down my old computer to see if I can find some of the shots from the casting call… It was the best day ever.”

The ‘Hot Mess’ then explained that she got to choose what outfit she wanted to wear, before being handed a robe to wait in before her shoot began.

“I thought I looked like the f***ing cat’s meow. [laughs] I was like ‘There’s no way they won’t choose me.’”

Chelsea Green then detailed the mechanics of the shoot, going step by step through the process before revealing that in the end, she did pose topless.

“It was kind of a very normal casting call. I will say, I don’t believe that I got fully naked, I did take my top off, obviously, but I don’t remember taking my underwear off. I’m going to go and look at the photos again to see, but I’m going to say that I’m 99% sure that my bottoms didn’t come off. It was just topless, and at the time I was like 20 years old, whatever, I loved my boobs.”

Chelsea Green is not the only IMPACT Knockout to consider an OnlyFans account following their WWE release, IMPACT’s newest signee Cassie Lee FKA Peyton Royce previously revealed she herself was considering setting up an account with the fan service organisation.

Speaking on the Off Her Chops Podcast, Cassie Lee FKA as Peyton Royce has revealed she is considering setting up an Only Fans account following her WWE release.

During the fan Q & A portion of episode 9 of the Off Her Chops Podcast, Cassie Lee and Jessie McKay would discuss the highly requested topic of the duo starting Patreon or Only Fans accounts.

The former Billie Kay would begin by stating that although this question is frequented in their Q & A sessions, this week the requests and queries on the topic were much higher than usual and thus they have decided to address the topic.

JM: ” I will say…in the Q&A boxes there are always a couple of those questions, but for some reason this Q&A box…tonnes”.

CL: “I wonder why? Have we been posting more of that content lately?”

JM: “No…i suppose when we open it up to like a general Q&A there is a lot of those questions.”

Cassie Lee discussed the influx of Only Fans requests she has received since her WWE release in April 2021.

CL: “I feel like ever since i got released i’ve been getting a lot of Only Fans requests on my pictures, I don’t feel like my pictures are…”

JM: “Overly sexualised? No.”

CL: “Like, yeah, i’ll post a bikini pic but i don’t think i post anything overly sexualised.”

JM: “Your stuff is very fashionable in my opinion, very fashionable”

CL: “Is it? I feel like I have nothing to post!”

JM: “Mate, we have a photo shoot coming up and thank the heavens cause we need that content”

The former Peyton Royce would go on the reveal that since her WWE release she has considered setting up an Only Fans page for fans.

CL: “I’ll tell you what, I am considering opening an Only Fans, I need a job…”

JM: “Need that money”

CL: “So yes, I’m considering it, yup.”

Jessie McKay formerly Billie Kay revealed why it is not something that she is personally considering despite the fan interest.

JM: “For me, personally, no. I feel like i all ready struggle with getting content for social media and i wouldn’t want to have to worry about another platform i have to get it for.”

CL: “I mean it totally is… it’s more work but at the same time it’s paying you.”

JM: “I think i would rather put my time into other stuff…”

CL: “Totally”

JM: “But hey, i’ve got heaps of friends who are on Only Fans and Pateron…you know get your, get your sh*t in.”

Only Fans is one of the largest growing social media platforms of the past decade with more than 50 million registered users and growth rates of 1000 users per hour or 15 million new users per month.

The average Only Fans account, which can post anything from entertainment content to fitness and personal training lessons as well as adult content, generates around 200 USD per month with the platform surpassing 2 billion USD in sales in 2020 with a company cut of 20% on all user transaction this amounts to an estimated 400 million USD revenue with 2021 sales growths surpassing 100% this quarter so far.

In June of 2021, it was reported that ‘Blac Chyna’, an American model and entrepreneur who famously performed as Nikki Minaj’s stunt double in the music video to Kanye West’s ‘Monsters’ track, was earning an incredible 21 million USD per month through the social media platform.

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