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Chelsea Green Hints At “New Hot Mess” In Post-WWE Character Change

Chelsea Green

The release of Chelsea Green from her WWE contract was perhaps one of the most shocking of the many talents departing the company this year. While the Canadian’s NXT run was met with many calls for a main roster switch, Green’s SmackDown debut ended in tragedy as injury struck. After rehabilitating her broken wrist, though, Green didn’t re-emerge on WWE television before being let go by the company.

During her WWE run, though, the ‘Hot Mess’ character only emerged on NXT house shows early on, with a more natural, normal, wrestling-based Green featuring. Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy, Chelsea Green opened up about whether her departure will see a return to the Hot Mess.

“I think it’s… You know, it’s going to be Chelsea Green, but I think the character that you see is going to be an evolution and a combination of all of them. I’m going to work towards combining them. I definitely prefer to be a character. I think, like, normal is boring – in everything! Normal is so boring. So I want to be a character, but I think we have to move slowly and gradually get into that instead of forcing the audience to love the new Hot Mess. You know what I mean?”

Green added how she doesn’t believe in taking a step backwards, so vowed to find a “new” Hot Mess and a storyline befitting of the character.

“Like, I don’t want to force anybody into that and I don’t want to take everybody back to three years ago when I was that Hot Mess. Like, we have to move on. We have to find a new Hot Mess and a way to get into it, and a way to do it that works for the time now. So that’s, I think, going to be a fun thing that I’ll be playing with in whatever company I end up at. We’re just going to kind of play with, like, what does that look like?”

Meanwhile, Green added that she may not just be turning up in wrestling rings as she explores new ventures.

“Definitely a lot of surprises! I think you’re going to see me pop up in places that you didn’t actually even think I was going to pop up at or imagine I’d pop up. Also expect less wrestling and more branching out and trying new things.”

You can read the full interview here.

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