Chelsea Green Had To Get WWE Clearance To Make ROH Debut

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green may have stunned the wrestling world when she appeared at Ring Of Honor’s Best In The World pay-per-view, but a new report suggests she had to get WWE’s permission to make the appearance.

Towards the end of the show, Maria Kanellis-Bennett revealed the brackets for the Women’s Championship Tournament and announced that former ROH announcer Lenny Leonard would be returning to provide commentary for the tournament. However, the brackets were incomplete due to Vita Von Starr’s spot being revoked – leaving an open spot for one more competitor.

Kanellis went on to introduce the debuting Chelsea Green, who will replace Vita in the tournament but isn’t currently cleared to wrestle. The former WWE star immediately made her presence felt and proclaimed that she is out to prove to both herself and the fans that she is enough.

“Wow. So this is what freedom looks like, hey? I have scratched and I have clawed my way to the top and after seven years, I can finally say: Chelsea Green is at Ring Of Honor. I wish that I could stand here in front of you smiling saying ‘The Hot Mess’ is back but I spent two and half years being deemed unworthy, waiting for opportunity after opportunity. So this time, I’m gonna do it different. This time I am coming for every single thing they said I couldn’t have.

This time, I’m gonna prove to you… No. I need to prove to you and to you and to you and to myself that I am enough. So I came here tonight to wrestle, broken arm and all. I came here to win the Women’s Championship tournament. Simple. Unforunately, wrestling in Maryland is not that simple and the Maryland Athetic Commision has deemed me unfit to compete – whether we like it or not.”

Fightful Select have reported that they learned the deal between Green and Ring Of Honor was in place over a month ago. However, as Green was still inside her ninety-day non-compete clause from her WWE release she had to seek her former company’s position to appear at the event.

The report also shines more light on Green’s role in Ring Of Honor, saying that she will be appearing for the company at the announce desk as well. The Canadian star is reported to not yet have a contract with Ring Of Honor.

Credit: Fightful Select