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Chelsea Green Discusses Being ‘Gifted’ The Canadian Destroyer

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has been discussing how she was ‘gifted’ use of the ‘Canadian Destroyer’ by the move’s innovator, Petey Williams.

Williams would bring the front-flip piledriver to prominence during his run in TNA in the mid-2000s. A finishing move that would draw raucous cheers from the crowds, it has become a move that has become a much more common sight in wrestling matches.

Chelsea Green was speaking on Love Wrestling where she explains how she feels about using the move and her thoughts on it being ‘gifted’ to her by Williams.

Green comments:

“I have debated tweeting that because I remember on the podcast that was like a big moment for me! Like, ‘Did he just like really give it to me?’ I mean it’s kind of unfortunate that this move that was so cool and that I almost won All In with is now just kind of a like thing, just kind of another move. Hopefully, that goes away.

Green continued:

“Wrestling happens like that. It happens in waves. And so, maybe we’ll ride this Canadian Destroyer wave and then everybody will get off it and it will become unique again. Who knows? But I mean, everyone, just remember that I’m the only person who’s allowed, okay?”

Wrestlers as diverse as Dustin Rhodes and Adam Cole regularly use the move during their matches. A Candian herself, Green will be hoping to showcase the move on a regular basis on WWE television soon. Green made her SmackDown debut in November 2020 in a fatal four-way match taking on Liv Morgan, Tamina, and Natalya. Following the match, it was revealed that Green had broken her wrist and has been out of action since.

Credit: Love Wrestling

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription