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Chelsea Green Details Thirty Minute Meeting With Vince McMahon

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has recalled sitting down for a thirty-minute meeting with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon where she pitched twenty ideas for her character.

Green signed with WWE in 2018 and joined the NXT brand. On her first match on TV in March 2019, Green broke her wrist and required surgery putting her out of action for a few months. She remained on the black and gold brand until her eventual call up to SmackDown in November 2020. Then Green made her debut on the blue brand in a qualifying match to represent SmackDown at Survivor Series. Reports suggested Green was scheduled to win the match but another broken wrist put her out of action once again.

On April 15th, 2021, Chelsea Green was part of a group of WWE Superstars that were released from the company. That group included Samoa Joe, The IIconics, and Kalisto.

In an interview following her release with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful Select, Chelsea Green detailed a half-hour meeting with Vince McMahon. Green revealed that she feels that meeting led to her SmackDown opportunity a few weeks later.

Green explained:

“I was able to meet with a couple of writers, but I never got to meet with Vince for that four weeks of waiting, which you know, again, COVID, obviously, totally fine. And once that idea was done, and there were no ideas, I went again and waited for three weeks, and then I think on the third or fourth week, he ended being able to see me, which was, (takes a moment) the best thing ever for my career. He sat down, and we probably had a 30-minute chat.”

“He asked who I was in terms of who do I want to be presented as, and I told him, you know, I’ve probably pitched 15-20 ideas, and he said, ‘Okay, give them to me. Pitch them to me.’ And I pitched every single 15 ideas to him; he wrote them all down. We talked about each one. We talked about what ones would work and what wouldn’t. You know, he asked me why I thought certain things would work and why I thought certain things wouldn’t. Two weeks later, I was in that Survivor Series qualifying match.”

Chelsea Green then reflected on the opportunity to sit down with the boss for that length of time. She also noted that most WWE Superstars never get that chance:

“It went very well, you know. Who knows, on his end, what he thought of me, but I left with such a positive vibe about the thing and relaying the meeting to Matt [Cardona, Green’s fiancĂ©], you know, I realized how lucky I was to get such a long sit-down with Vince McMahon. People just don’t get that.”

During the interview, Chelsea Green also revealed just how surprised she was to receive her release. Green had reportedly signed a three-year contract extension in November 2020.

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