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Chelsea Green “Absolutely Thinks” Pitching Ideas In WWE Annoyed People

Chelsea Green

Chelsea Green has discussed her departure from WWE and if she feels that constantly pitching ideas rubbed some people in the company the wrong way.

Green joined WWE in 2018 and was assigned to the NXT brand. The former IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion spent most of her time in the company on the black and gold brand before being called up to SmackDown in late 2020. During a Fatal Fourway match on the blue brand, Green broke her arm leaving her unable to compete for several weeks. This was to be the last time Chelsea Green wrestled in WWE as she was released from her contract on the 15th of April 2021.

Speaking on Busted Open Radio, Green says she never saw the release coming, and over the following months she has grown angrier about the entire situation:

“Honestly, I did not see it coming. There was not one part of me (that saw it coming). The funny thing is, I got fired on maybe a Wednesday? I had my outfit sitting out for Friday because I had been consistently showing up, getting TV ready, sitting my ass in the car, driving to Tampa, and showing up at RAW and Smackdowns to try and get booked. My arm had been fine, I had been cleared for about two months. I had been showing up to TV, ready to go, with my gear in my car. So when that call came, it was about three days after I had actually contacted the office to say ‘hey, surprise! It’s me again. I have another idea. I’m coming to TV on Friday to pitch it to you guys.’

“So, I had no clue. I think my initial reaction was that I had no reaction and I just got down to business. I opened up my Pro Wrestling Tees store, then contacted Ring of Honor, NWA, and Impact, and stuff. But then later on, slowly as time has gone by, it’s been one of – I just think it was a missed opportunity. And I’m a little upset, but I think I’m more p*ssed about it. I’m p*ssed that I was at the top of my game. I was the Knockout’s Champion, I was main-eventing Lucha Underground, they chose me to be one of the four females at All In. And then I sat for two years, or almost two and a half years. A lot of people are blaming that on my arm, but I broke my arm for six weeks out of those two and a half years. That’s no excuse, absolutely no excuse not to use somebody.”

Busted Open host Bully Ray then asked Chelsea Green if she thinks that being so pro-active with ideas for her character may have hindered rather than helped her cause:

“Yes, absolutely. I absolutely think that. But then, that’s not the type of person that I am. When I did have my meeting with Vince, he was very appreciative of all the ideas. So I have to think that he’s okay with the ideas, it’s the maze that you have to get through to get to him. Those are all the people that are annoyed along the way, and I don’t blame them. Imagine how many people are in that company, and I’m one of 200 people on the main roster spitballing ideas to them weekly. I probably gave them three ideas a week. That’s going to be annoying.”

Chelsea Green has since appeared for the NWA, Ring Of Honor, and returned to IMPACT Wrestling following the end of her WWE career. Green has also launched her own Green With Envy podcast.

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription