Chavo Guerrero Adresses Potential Retirement

Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero doesn’t think he’ll ever truly retire from professional wrestling.

Former WWE star and AEW on-screen personality, Chavo Guerrero recently appeared on the Wrestling Perspective Podcast and explained why he doesn’t know if he’ll ever retire due to the simple nature of ‘Guerrero’s never retire’:

“Guerreros never retire. When I see Ric Flair’s retirement match I’m like ‘which one is this?’ You just don’t ever really retire. I don’t think I’ll ever retire.

I wrestle three to four times a year now. It’s not big WrestleMania matches, I know where I’m at, but I keep myself in shape at all times, so that any match that I have, guys still say ‘what the hell dude you’re outworking all of us!’ and I just say ‘I don’t have to do that three hundred days a year anymore so I can do that.'”

Guerrero was a staple of WCW television from 1996 through 2001, where he captured the company’s Cruiserweight Title on two occasions and was a former Tag Champion, alongside Corporal Cajun. Chavo would then join WWE in 2001 before departing the company a decade later in 2011. Guerrero claimed the WWE Cruiserweight and Tag Titles (with uncle, Eddie Guerrero) on two separate occasions.

Following his in-ring career slowing down, Guerrero would join All Elite Wrestling in 2021, where was the on-screen ‘executive consultant’ for Andrade El Idolo. Guerrero would then take time off from AEW to film ‘Young Rock’ in Australia and was subsequently removed from the company’s roster page.