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Charly Caruso Set To Join ESPN On A Full-Time Basis

Charly Caruso

ESPN have announced that Charly Arnolt, formerly known as Charly Caruso in WWE, will be joining the company on a full-time basis.

Arnolt initially joined ESPN in October 2018, and launched a new podcast with the sports titan called ‘First Take, Her Take’ in January of this year.

Commenting on her new full-time role, Arnolt revelled in her excitement at the new opportunities that lay ahead.

“It is so incredibly exciting to become a full-time member of the ESPN family,” said Arnolt. “I look forward to continuing to grow with such a talented group of professionals and I can’t wait for all the opportunities that lie ahead.”

While ESPN’s senior vice president, production, David Roberts added that he was excited to have Arnolt join the team full-time.

“From radio and podcasts to TV and streaming, Charly continues to thrive across any platform she pursues. We are excited to have her join ESPN full time and interact with fans even more regularly across the network.”

It had recently been reported Arnolt, then known as Charly Caruso had been removed from WWE television after being consistently late to perform interviews.

The report noted that “Vince McMahon got word of the tardiness himself and took exception to the situation.”

Earlier in March, WWE announced the signing of reporter and broadcaster Kevin Patrick. At the time of his unveiling it was revealed that Patrick would be a backstage correspondent for Monday Night Raw, play-by-play commentator for WWE Main Event and as the host of Raw Talk.

It was noted at the time that his arrival may create uncertainty over the position of Caruso within the company as she currently filled two of the roles which were earmarked for Patrick.

Charly Caruso first appeared for WWE in 2016 where she worked in NXT, notably working on the United Kingdom Championship tournament in 2017.