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Charly Arnolt [Charly Caruso] Discusses Friendship With Tony Khan

Charly Arnolt, formerly Charly Caruso

Charly Arnolt, formerly known as Charly Caruso has opened up about her time in WWE as well as her friendship with AEW President Tony Khan.

Charly Caruso as she was known in WWE, first appeared for the company in 2016 where she worked in NXT, notably working on the United Kingdom Championship tournament in 2017.

The interviewer later appeared across much of WWE television in backstage segments, while also working on panel shows such as Raw Talk. During this period in 2018, Arnolt also signed a deal with ESPN, where appears on the podcast ‘First Take, Her take’ and Sportsnation.

Charly Arnolt later joined ESPN on a full-time basis in March 2021.

Speaking during an East Coast Auctions virtual appearance, Arnolt discussed the differences between working with WWE and ESPN.

“The biggest difference for me from going to WWE to ESPN is, where in WWE, I was surrounded by wrestlers. Here, I’m surrounded by broadcasters, that’s all it is. This really is the place to take the next step in my career. It’s a place where I can really climb the ladder where WWE, I had a limited capability of what I was I able to do as a broadcaster because there are only so many roles,”

The media personality didn’t rule out to wrestling, later opening up about her friendship with AEW President Tony Kahn. While attending a SmackDown taping with Khan in 2016, she was introduced to WWE Senior Director of Talent Relations Mark Carrano, which eventually led to her being hired by the company.

Charly Arnolt said she was a big fan of Khan along with Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi, hinting that a future cameo in AEW could be on the cards.

“I am a huge fan of Tony Khan. I’m a huge fan of Cody Rhodes and his wife Brandi. I have to imagine that whatever they are putting together over there is gold. I will make it a point to tune in and, who knows, maybe one day I’ll make a cameo or more than a cameo. I’ve known Tony for years and years. I was friends with Tony even before I took my job with WWE. Long-standing relationship right there,”

During her final weeks with WWE it was reported that Arnolt had fallen foul of Vince McMahon after being repeatedly late to film interview segments meant for Raw.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.