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Charlotte Reportedly Removed From WrestleMania Posters As Precaution

Charlotte Flair

It has been reported that Charlotte Flair was removed from all WrestleMania 37 advertising as a precaution after she tested positive for COIVID-19.

Charlotte revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19 on Monday March 23rd, but it has been reported that she returned a positive test prior to this.

According to PWInsider, after The Queen tested positive she was removed from WrestleMaina advertising in case she was unable to make the show.

The report states that:

PWInsider.com is told that while she disclosed the illness yesterday, she actually had tested positively previously, which is why she had missed several recent Raws. WWE removed Flair from Wrestlemania advertising out of caution in case she would not be cleared in time to return to storylines.

Shortly after her post on Twitter, Flair’s COVID diagnosis was also mentioned by a debuting Rhea Ripley as she challenged WWE Women’s Champion Asuka to a match at WrestleMania.

There had been some speculation online that Flair’s absence was due to her fiancé Andrade leaving WWE, but this has now been proven to not be the case.

The report goes on to add that after Andrade commented that Flair would be “clear in four days” she may be in line to return on SmackDown.

However, Charlotte’s father Ric appeared to contradict Andrade’s statement when posting on Instagram, writing that “WrestleMania Will Not Be The Same Without The Queen!”

At time of writing there have been no announcements regarding Charlotte’s potential involvement at WrestleMania.