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Charlotte Flair Would “Love” Another Rivalry With Asuka – With One Difference [SPORF/ITR Exclusive]

Charlotte Flair & Asuka

Charlotte Flair has disclosed that she’d “love another rivalry with Asuka” – with The Queen saying she feels she and the Empress of Tomorrow have never had the chance to have an actual story with build, despite having clashed with one another at WrestleMania twice.

While speaking with Kenny McIntosh of Inside The Ropes and SPORF, Flair opened up about the history between herself and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka, with the pair now holding the Women’s Tag Team Championships, and how The Queen would love to have a “three-month pay-per-view run” in the future with The Empress of Tomorrow.

“In terms of Mania, what I think was so cool about Mania is – Asuka and I had never touched. She had already built this incredible… I don’t want to use the word “legacy” but, I mean, she’d had the undefeated streak, was known worldwide, travelled worldwide, won the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble, so it was more of a… Like the story was so basic, right?

“You had myself and what I had done, and then you had this undefeated streak – but right after Mania, the Aussies helped Carmella beat me, so it was like a restart for me as well as also what she was doing. So then going to WrestleMania 35, where I beat her before, that was also… There was no build, no other story, it was just a title match going towards what ultimately was the ending of WrestleMania 35.”

Flair would summarise her rivalries with Asuka by saying they’ve always been a part of another story, rather than being their own focused feud.

“Whatever story Asuka and I have been in, it’s been a part of other stories as well. If you understand what I’m saying.

“I feel like I would love to have another rivalry with Asuka but when you have… You know, great stories have those three-month pay-per-view runs, like back-to-back to tell different stories, like Asuka and I have never… We’ve had these incredible moments but not a whole lot of build-up to them.”

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