Charlotte Flair Missing From WWE Due To “Personal Reasons”

Charlotte Flair

Andrade El Idolo has revealed that Charlotte Flair is currently absent from WWE due to personal reasons that will be explained in the future.

Charlotte Flair hasn’t appeared on WWE television since losing an “I Quit” Match to Ronda Rousey at WrestleMania Backlash on May 8th.

At the time it was noted that the star was taking time off due to her impending wedding to AEW star Andrade El Idolo, while her absence was explained in storyline with a “broken arm” suffered against Rousey.

However, with that appearance coming five months ago, many fans had expected The Queen to have returned to action, especially as Andrade has been wrestling in AEW for a number of weeks.

Speaking during an new interview with Mas Lucha, Andrade has seemingly revealed that there may be more to Flair’s absence than meets the eye. When asked about his relationship with Triple H, the star explained that they are on good terms, although being in separate promotions has limited their contact. He then added that if The Game wanted he could reach out via his wife Charlotte, before discussing their relationship.

Andrade said that the former SmackDown Women’s Champion has time off due to “personal reasons” which will be specified in the future.

“He [Triple H] gave me an opportunity and helped me a lot in NXT and I spoke to him when I requested my release. We are on good terms and he always mentioned that I can keep in contact with him. I cannot say that I have contacted him recently, but it is difficult due to legalities. And if he wanted to speak to me, my wife works there, so he can always reach out to me from there too.

It is difficult at the same time because Ashley (Charlotte Flair) has time off due to personal reasons and she will specify them in future interviews. It was very heavy because she worked on Thursdays to work on Weekends while I travelled on Tuesdays and returned on Thursdays as soon as she was scheduled to leave. Right now we are good because I get to see her more, I hope she comes back soon.”

Andrade El Idolo is currently locked in a very public war of words with Sammy Guevara after the former WWE star claimed that the Spanish God complained about him being hit too hard. Andrade said that Guevara had approached the issue “like a little girl,” while Guevara shot back telling the star to go back to WWE.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.