Charlotte Flair – “I’m Here To Get My Flowers”

Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair is one of WWE’s most decorated performers and has achieved unprecedented accomplishments during her time on the main roster.

She is a fourteen-time women’s champion and currently enjoying her record seventh SmackDown Women’s Championship reign.

Ever since making her main roster debut in 2015 as part of the Women’s Evolution, she has been the standard bearer of the women’s division.

She is a Grand Slam Champion and the only woman in history to wear the NXT, Divas, Women’s, Raw, SmackDown and Women’s Tag Team Championships. She is also a Royal Royal winner, one of the first women to headline a WWE PPV and compete in the WrestleMania main event.

She has seemingly done it all and has nothing left to prove in WWE. However, in a recent interview, she stated that she continues to grow as a performer and is now ready to enjoy the ride.

The Queen was a guest on the Cool to be You podcast and spoke about what is left for her to do in WWE.

“I guess, just making the most of every opportunity, and when I get to be on camera, just enjoying it. I was so uptight for so many years. Now it’s just like, I’m here to get my flowers, guys.

I grow so much every year as a performer,” she added. “I really enjoyed the level of calmness and confidence and the ability to enjoy the audience while I’m out there. Whereas before, you know, maybe sometimes my nerves got the best of me, or I wasn’t in the moment. Now, every time I am out there, I just — I’m really enjoying the space in my career.”

Charlotte Flair Prepares To Face Rhea Ripley At WrestleMania 39

After winning the Royal Rumble, Rhea Ripley picked her former rival for a title match at the Showcase of the Immortals.

The two have a storied history having clashed multiple times over the NXT and Raw Women’s Championship. Now they have a date in Hollywood for the SmackDown Women’s title.

Flair addressed the title bout during to interview and mentioned that despite Ripley’s recent character shift and dominance, nothing has changed.

“I don’t think much has changed [from the first time they fought at WrestleMania], but yeah, that’s kind of where my mind is at. I don’t need to beat you. You need to beat me,“.

As WWE gears up for its annual supershow it has been rumoured that Flair and Ripley could be the main event match on Night 1 of the event on 1st April at SoFI Stadium.

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