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Charlotte Flair – “I Couldn’t Keep Apologising For What I Accomplished”

Charlotte Flair

Reflecting on her return to WWE following WrestleMania 37, Charlotte Flair has said that she wanted to make sure she was completely unapologetic and hungry for more success.

Heading into WrestleMania 37, at least on television, Charlotte Flair was without a match, but she had made it clear that she gunning for Asuka’s Raw Women’s Championship. However, any plans to add another championship gold to her CV were put on hold after she tested positive for COVID-19. The positive test meant that she was forced to miss WWE’s annual spectacular.

Not that Flair was out of action for long. The night after WrestleMania, “The Opportunity” made her return to the red brand attacking Asuka and new Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley.

Upon her return, Flair was sharper than ever with her intensity levels at an all-time high. Speaking in a recent interview with TV Source Magazine, Flair said the shift in character was deliberate as she was no longer prepared to apologise for her success.

“I just wanted to come back unapologetic. I just couldn’t keep apologizing for what I’ve accomplished. If someone else was in my spot, they wouldn’t apologize for being there. I realized I’m damned if I do [and] damned if I don’t. I just had to own it. I will never understand why people think I should be content with what I’ve done. I don’t want to be that person that just feels like I’ve peaked. I always come back hungry because there is so much more that I can do.

Do men’s careers end after five years? They don’t get criticized for wanting to do more and be better. You don’t tell the men that they have an expiration date on their careers. No woman should have an expiration date.”

While Charlotte Flair’s run of success has continued, as she stands once again as the SmackDown Women’s Champion, she came off second best on the most recent edition of SmackDown.

On the episode, WWE Hall of Famer Lita returned to the blue brand for the first time in almost two decades. The former Women’s Champion said that she felt she had one more run left in her before being confronted by Flair. Despite doing her best to unsettle the legend, it was Lita who ended up standing tall after dropping Flair with a Twist of Fate.