Charlotte Flair Critical Of Recent Ric Flair Segment – “This Wasn’t As Cool As It Was Supposed To Be”

Ric Flair & Charlotte Flair

Charlotte Flair has criticsised her recent on-screen appearance with her father Ric Flair.

On the 30th anniversary episode of Monday Night Raw, Charlotte Flair was introduced to the ring by her illustrious father. In the segment, Ric Flair cut a short promo thanking fans before introducing Charlotte.

Ric Flair Segment Wasn’t Needed

While fans may presume that the segment was a feel-good moment for all involved, Charlotte has revealed that she felt it was something of a letdown. Speaking to Sam Roberts and Dave Lagreca for Busted Open Radio, the SmackDown Women’s Champion said she was left feeling it didn’t quite measure up to other moments on the show.

“Yeah. So when I first heard about it, I was like, oh, you know, I don’t know how many other opportunities I’m going to have with my dad, this is cool. But I didn’t think about it visually, and then it happened. And then I went home and I sat on the couch with Manny and we were kind of talking about it.

I love the segment with Triple H and Imperium. Love the segment. Kind of like the passing of the torch idea, and with Taker or whatever. And I just looked at Manny and I was like ‘ugh, I had my dad.’ And Manny was like ‘yeah, I know, it felt weird. He was like yeah, it wasn’t needed. Like, yeah, I was like, I know,’ it was like that. I mean, I love my dad, but it was like his music playing.

Like, it wasn’t, it’s not about loving him or the idea, but we both kind of like, it’s funny that you said that. We both kind of said on the couch, we were kind of like, that wasn’t as cool as it was supposed to be, maybe like, four or five years ago.”

Ric Flair’s appearance on the show was his first WWE outing since leaving the company in August 2021.

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