Charlotte Flair Admits She Likes It When Fans Chant For Becky Lynch

Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch & Ronda Rousey

Speaking in a new interview, Charlotte Flair has discussed the chants for Becky Lynch that have greeted her recent appearances.

WWE fans have made it very clear that they would like to see Becky Lynch back in the ring. It’s a feeling that came to the fore during the match between Charlotte Flair and Rhea Ripley at Money In The Bank. As fans began to sing for their absent hero, Flair turned to those in attendance delivering a Stone Cold-esque hand gesture.

The following night on RAW, fans again chanted for Lynch during a Flair promo, and this time she addressed them directly. The Queen said that Becky wasn’t there as she was still at home breastfeeding. Lynch hasn’t been seen inside a WWE ring since revealing she was pregnant in May 2020. She gave birth to her daughter Roux the following December.

During a recent interview with Houston Mitchell of the LA Times, Flair was asked about the chants and whether they bothered her. Far from being bothered by the chants the multi-time Women’s Champion said that she welcomed the interaction from the crowd.

“No, I like it because it allows me to play back with them. And realize, if they aren’t reacting at all, that’s bad. It gives me a chance to play and have a cheeky line. At Money in the Back, I may have gestured to the audience, but that was more like “Don’t be disrespectful to Rhea Ripley. This is your first night back and do not do that and you are going to enjoy the show and don’t do that to her.” And by the end of the match they were chanting “This is awesome.” Rhea and I have never had the chance to dance in front of a live audience. That was our first time to really show them how great this rivalry has become.”

While Flair isn’t bothered by the chants, Becky Lynch appears to also welcome to attention. Responding to Flair’s comments from RAW, Lynch took to social media to say that she may have been breastfeeding at home but was “still the most over woman in the division.”

Speaking on a media call ahead of SummerSlam, Seth Rollins addressed the WWE status of his wife Becky Lynch. The former RAW Women’s Champion has been linked with a return to action for a number of months but has yet to appear.

Rollins said that while it was Lynch’s goal to come back, she would only do so when the time was right.

Meanwhile, it was recently reported that the Irish Superstar looks “ring ready” as she prepares to make her much anticipated comeback.