Charlie Haas Believes He “Should Not Have Returned” To The WWE

Charlie Haas WWE SI

Speaking with Inside The Ropes, former WWE Tag Team Champion, Charlie Haas would describe his 2006 WWE return as a ‘nightmare’ revealing that he believes it was a mistake in his career and he should not have returned to the company following his 2005 release.

During an interview with Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart, Charlie Haas would discuss his 2005 WWE release and the circumstances that led to his return less than a year later in 2006 before revealing that he regrets going back to the company even going as far to describe the run as ‘a nightmare’.

“When Jackie and I got married, we came back the day from our honeymoon and they [the WWE] let us go. So I don’t know why exactly, who knows what their reasoning is? I mean, you really never know and I’ve quit trying to think about it or what caused it.”

The former ROH Tag Team Champion would continue, discussing his time in Japan as well as the possibility of signing with TNA in 2006 instead of returning to the WWE.

“They brought me back in 2006 but I should not have come back. What I should have done is just stayed over in Japan and wrestled. Or maybe. Jackie was at TNA during this time, maybe I should have gone to TNA. I mean, there was really nowhere else to work. There was nowhere else to work except for over in Japan and I should have just stayed there. I was in Italy a lot working there. And that was that was fun.”

Haas would reveal that prior to his 2006 return he was promised a Intercontinental Championship run, with plans even in place for him to defeat former Team Angle partner Shelton Benjamin to capture the iconic championship.

“I should have stayed away because they brought me back and they’re like, we’re going to this and we’re going to we’re going to push you. We are going to heave you beat Shelton [Benjamin] and we’re going to push you for the IC title. None of it came to fruition. It was like that and then I was in limbo, you know, on and off with different tag teams and it was a nightmare.”

Finally, Haas would caveat his statements with the note that he appreciates that his WWE return allowed him to pay his family and pay his bills but, from a career perspective, he is not happy with how the return played out at all.

“I mean, I appreciate them bringing me back. And yeah, I was able to feed my family or pay the bills. But what is I happy with it? No, not career wise. Not at all.”

During the same interview Haas would discuss his relationship with former tag team partner Shelton Benjamin as well as revealing how wrestling legend Jim Cornette saved his career back in OVW.

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