Charlie Haas On Team Angle Split – ‘No One Can Be Better Than Triple H’

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Speaking with Inside The Ropes, former WWE Tag Team Champion, Charlie Haas would discuss the role that Triple H played in the split of Team Angle citing perceived jealousy and the ‘nobody can be better than me’ attitude that led to the groups ‘frustrating’ split in 2003.

During an interview with Inside The Ropes’ own Liam Alexander-Stewart, Charlie Haas would discuss Team Angle’s collective initial reaction to the split as well as how ‘The World’s Greatest Tag Team’ came to be, following Kurt Angle’s return from neck surgery.

“It was frustrating. Kurt feels like he should have fought harder for us to stay together. You know, he came back from the neck surgery and he’s [Vince] is just like, Well, we’re turning you, babyface. So then what do we do with Team Angle, well keep them heel and make them The World’s Greatest Tag Team.”

The former ROH Tag Team Champion would continue, revealing that neither himself, Angle or Benjamin realised how over Team Angle was during its run. Adding that it is only now, nearly two decades later, that the group realises how iconic they have become within the WWE.

“He [Kurt] didn’t realize at the time how popular we were. I don’t think any of us did until now. I guess Team Angle is iconic. You know, the fans would have to let me know. I hate saying that because I don’t know. I was part of it. So, I mean, how good were we really? I would like to think we were one of the best, but people say, no, you guys were. So I have to take them at their word.”

Responding to a question surrounding his recent comments on Evolution and the role Triple H’s faction played in the demise of Team Angle, Haas would explain that he believes there was jealousy from the WWE Hall of Famer that stemmed from the positive impact Team Angle was having on SmackDown’s ratings during the time.

“But man, I mean, we were frustrated. We’re like, Why would you guys split us so soon when we were rocking and rolling? I mean, I knew on the other side, on Raw, they had Evolution. We were competing against them, but our ratings were doing well and I think at the time they had four people in their group. We had three and I think we just clicked so well.

I think maybe there’s some jealousy on the other side. This is getting over more than we thought it would be, you know, when you had Triple H running Evolution and he’s like, Well, no one can be better than me.”

Team Angle and Evolution dominated WWE during the early 00’s with a collective 83 championship reigns between them, ranging from the WWE/World Heavyweight Championship to the WWE Tag Team Titles as well as both the Intercontinental and United States Championships.

As of 2022, Ric Flair, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Batista find themselves either inducted or to be inducted into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame with ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton a sure-fire candidate to be inducted when he eventually chooses to hang up his iconic black boots and trunks.

During the same interview, Haas would discuss his relationship with former tag team partner Shelton Benjamin as well as revealing how wrestling legend Jim Cornette saved his career back in OVW.

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