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Charlie Haas Reveals Rico Used To Have Heat Physically Taken Out On Him

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Former WWE Tag Team Champion Charlie Haas has opened up about a star who many fellow wrestlers didn’t want to share the ring with and then took liberties when they had to.

Haas is best remembered these days for his work in WWE with Shelton Benjamin as part of Team Angle then The World’s Greatest Tag Team. However, Charlie Haas did have another tag team partner in the company and even captured the WWE Tag Team Championship during his time teaming with Rico.

Rico was first introduced to WWE audiences as the manager of Billy and Chuck and was blamed as the on-screen instigator of the notorious gay wedding between the two stars.

However, Rico went on to have an in-ring career in his own right and his flamboyance caught the eyes of WWE fans. Consequently, it also caught the eye of many of his fellow WWE Superstars and they did not all take kindly to the character Rico was portraying.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet on his Insight podcast, Haas revealed that Rico often had other star’s frustrations at having to work with him taken out on him in the ring:

“I’ll be honest with you man, I was lost. I was always a tag team wrestler, I was never a singles wrestler. Then all of a sudden, who is Charlie Haas? I had a really great match with RVD and a great match with Rico, and they put me with Rico, and we won the tag titles there.”

“That was tough because I loved the character and I loved working with Rico, but other tag teams refused to work with us because they didn’t want to be in the ring with Rico because of the character. It hurt him a lot and I knew he was upset about that, and some of them took it out on him in the ring physically when they had to, it was uncalled for with some of the stuff that he went through.”

“I think today he is suffering through concussions and all that stuff, he is having some mental issues right now. But we had a great tag team, we won the tag team titles, that was really cool.”

Rico left WWE in November 2004 when he was released from his contract. He wrestled a few times in All-Japan Pro Wrestling before retiring from the ring full-time in 2005.

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