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Charlie Haas On What Led Team Angle To Getting “Shut Down Early”

Team Angle - Kurt Angle, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin

Former WWE Superstar Chalie Haas has revealed what he believes led to to Team Angle getting “shut down early.”

Charlie Haas made his WWE debut alongside Shelton Benjamin in December 2002. The duo quickly aligned themselves with WWE Champion Kurt Angle. The team worked with Angle to make sure he retained his title, while winning the Tag Team Titles just two months after making their debut. The Trio would become known as Team Angle. The duo eventually left Angle, after questioning his leadership, going on to name themselves, The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

In March 2004, WWE held their second ever draft lottery and the team were broken up after Benjamin was drafted to RAW.

Reflecting on the early part of his career Charlie Haas has opened up about the break-up of Team Angle. Speaking to Nick Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Haas said that he believes that the group was broken up too early.

“At the time, you had RAW and SmackDown, so we were the number one group on SmackDown,” Haas said. “Who is the one group one RAW? Evolution. It started at the same time. When we do the joint pay-per-views, all of a sudden, we started gaining ground or there’s a distance between the two groups. It got shut down early. It is what it is.”

Expanding further, Haas said that it felt as though WWE saw tag teams as an “extra expense” which eventually led to the breaking up of the team.

“It’s not like it was growing up watching Georgia Championship Wrestling or World Class where they had factions that meant something, and every title meant something and you believed it. Tag teaming was my specialty. They would go in there, and they would break it down. ‘We’re going to change it. There’s not gonna be a double feed. I don’t need you guys working half the ring.’ I’m like, ‘You’re taking away everything man. Why even have it?’ And they looked at it as a tag team is just an extra expense for another guy on the road. That’s what it is, so it’s a budget cut.”

Meanwhile, speaking on his own podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, Angle has recently said that he hoped to recreate Team Angle during his final WWE run. The Hall of Famer said that he wanted to recruit Chad Gable and Jason Jordan and have them become Tag Team Champions, while he held to the World Title.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.