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Charlie Haas Reveals The Best Advice He Received From Kurt Angle

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Speaking with Inside The Ropes, Charlie Haas would reveal the best advice he ever received from WWE Hall of Famer and fellow former Team Angle member Kurt Angle.

Speaking with Liam Alexander-Stewart of Inside The Ropes, the former WWE Tag Team Champion would recall his time learning under Olympic Gold medallist Kurt Angle and the advice he had for then rookies Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin ahead of their WWE main roster debuts back in December 2002.

“He told us ‘the good thing is being an amateur wrestler like you’re not afraid of contact, your body is used to being callus.’ He [Kurt] goes ‘you don’t understand, your body Charlie and your body Shelton. Your two bodies have been destroyed by amateur wrestling…but this sport is really going to hurt you as just as much’.”

Haas would continue, explaining that Angle had advised both himself and Shelton to be sensible with the bumps they take and to protect themselves from unnecessary injures and damage to their bodies.

“Kurt would say just be smart where you take your bumps. Be smart with what spots you’re going to do. Don’t give them everything. Kurt once told us ‘you guys are going to want to come out and try to sacrifice your body to get over, when really it’s not so much the moves [that get you over], it’s the work between the moves, it’s the body language and everything like that’.”

The former ROH and WWE Tag Team Champion would reveal that he and his former mentor are still close friends, with Haas reaching out earlier in the week to wish Angle luck ahead of his double knee replacement surgery.

“I mean, we’re still really tight, really good friends. I sent him a video yesterday with me and my daughter wishing him good luck. He just had double knee replacement. Tough son of a bitch. My ex wife Jackie had a knee replacement and I knew how hard it was for her, how painful. But to have two of them, I mean, God bless the man. I mean, if you’re going to get it done. Might as well just get them both done.”

Finally, the former HWA World Champion would express a desire to reunite with his former Team Angle partners on last time.

“Team Angle’s a family man. We’ve been together for a while, and I hope, you know, hope we can do a WrestleCon down together or something. However, whatever happens, I’d love to see us reunite in some way, shape or form.”

During the same interview Haas would discuss his relationship with former tag team partner Shelton Benjamin as well as revealing how wrestling legend Jim Cornette saved his career back in OVW.

Many thanks to Charlie for taking the time out to speak with us, you can support him by following his social media and also checking out his upcoming wrestling promotion SWE360 which features booking from Kevin Sullivan and hands on assistance from, former Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle.

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