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Charles Wright On Telling The Rock To ‘Get The F*** Out’ Of The Nation Of Domination

Nation of Domination

WWE Hall of Famer Charles Wright has revealed how he once told The Rock to “get the f*** out” of the Nation of Domination, due to The Great One refusing to wear similar attire to the other members.

Speaking with Ciarán and Niall of the Scheduled For Two Falls Podcast, Wright – who also portrayed The Godfather and Papa Shango in WWE – would open up about The Rock refusing to wear the colours and properly represent the faction.

“He refused to wear the hat, then he refused to wear the colours, so we were like ‘Look, listen, if you don’t want to be part of this sh*t then don’t. Get the f**k out. We don’t care. We’re doing you a favour. So he ended up putting a black/green thing on his tights. After that, he was cool man.”

The Rock, of course, would go on to lead the faction for a short time.

The Nation of Domination were one of WWE’s most iconic and memorable factions, despite only being on television for around two years. Wright would open up about how he joined The Nation of Domination, stating that he almost returned as Papa Shango.

“For some reason they convinced me to come back as Papa Shango but it was going to be a lot different. I show up to TV and they said Vince wants to talk to you. I was like “cool”. So I went into Vince and he said “Charles, change of plans. Tonight we’re going to put you in the Nation. You’re going to wrestle with Ron Simmons against the Undertaker in a handicap match, and you’re going to go over. We made you a little outfit. So why don’t you get with Mark and Ron and work something out and we’ll talk later.”

The Hall of Famer would reveal how everyone who was part of the Nation of Domination tried to help one another, but that Ahmed Jonson “wouldn’t listen” as he knew more than the veterans, so they got him out.

“We try not to include Ahmed in that group. The thing is, we all tried to help each other. We tried to help D’Lo. When Mark Henry arrived he was really green and we tried to help him. We tried to do that with Ahmed Johnson and he wouldn’t listen. He was only in the business a year and he knew more than us who were in the business a long time. That was his problem. He wouldn’t listen. He knew everything and so we got him out of the Nation quick. When we jumped him out of the Nation, we really beat his a** for real. Ron Simmons was hitting him so hard with his belt that I actually said “Ron lighten up, Ron lighten up”. Ron was like “Oh no, I’m gonna get him some.”

Credit: Ciarán and Niall of the Scheduled For Two Falls Podcast