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Cesaro Wants Seth Rollins One-On-One At WrestleMania

Cesaro Gives Backbreaker To Seth Rollins

Cesaro has called his shot for WrestleMania and has revealed he wants to go one-on-one with the ‘Friday Night Messiah’ Seth Rollins.

Speaking to Sports Illustrated’s Justin Barrasso, the Swiss Cyborg discussed his desire to face Rollins at the show of shows.

Cesaro stated:

“The universal title match is currently spoken for, but this will start the road to next year’s WrestleMania for me. I want a singles match this ’Mania, and I would love for it to be against Seth Rollins.”

The former 7-time WWE Tag Team Champion then praised Rollins abilities in the ring:

“Seth is a tremendous talent, and he is so extremely versatile. Good guy, bad guy, he always finds a way to evolve, and he’s super smooth in the ring. He’s always pushing us to get better, and I think he is incredible at what he does.”

Seth Rollins returned to SmackDown after the Royal Rumble in January 2021. Since then he has tried to convince Cesaro to ’embrace the vision’ and join him. Cesaro answered Rollins emphatically on SmackDown by trapping him in the giant swing before hitting him with an uppercut.

Despite making his WWE television debut in 2012, Cesaro has never had a one-on-one singles match at WrestleMania. He would be part of tag team matches in most of his outings with his partner, Sheamus. On two occasions, Cesaro would take part in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal, winning the inaugural edition of the match in 2014.

The closest Cesaro has got to a singles match at WrestleMania was in 2020 when he defeated Drew Gulak on the Kick-Off show for the event.

Credit: Sports Illustrated

h/t Wrestling Inc. for the transcription