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Cesaro Vows To Become WWE Universal Champion

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Former WWE United States Champion, Cesaro, has promised that he will be WWE Universal Champion before he hangs up his boots for good.

‘The Swiss Superman’ is widely regarded as one of the most underrated and underused talents on the promotion’s current roster, with fans citing that he should have been a main event star years ago and somewhat displeased at his usage in the mid-card and in a doubles action.

However, despite recent reports which stated that along with his new contract which will keep him with the company for the next few years came the edict that his role in the company was only to make new stars, Cesaro has joined the cast of Talking Smack to vow that he will reach the mountain top before he steps away:

“I can’t remember the last time I had a chance at the Universal title, or any championship in WWE. And I’m still going because I believe that hard work pays off. And I believe because every single person out there that believes in me and that has belief in me since I came to the United States, since I came to WWE – because guess what? I did not come to WWE when I came to the United States. Oh no. I worked my way up the hard way. I worked every single day to get here. I worked every single day to be here.

And you know what? I love it. I love every single moment of it because that’s who I am and that’s what I believe in. So to every single person out there who believes what they’re doing is right, no matter what everybody else said, no matter what everybody believes, no matter what everybody wants to tell them – they feel they’re right. They’re doing it the right way, with the right integrity, with the right motives in mind – that matters. Your word matters. Your action matters. Every single thing you do matters. No matter what everyone else says about you. No matter what everyone else feels about you. What you feel in here [points to his heart] and what you believe in – that’s what matters. And that’s why you need to believe in yourself, and that’s why you’re gonna be successful.”

Cesaro may not remember the last time he had a championship shot of any type, but fans do. His last opportunity at gold came all the way back at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules on July 19, 2020, when he and Shinsuke Nakamura defeated The New Day to capture the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championships.

However, you have to travel back almost seven years to find his last shot at a heavyweight prize when he competed against John Cena, Alberto Del Rio, Bray Wyatt, Kane, Randy Orton, Roman Reigns and Sheamus in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match for the vacant WWE World Heavyweight Championship on June 29, 2014.

Stating that he loves wrestling, Cesaro finished the interview by stating that everyone who was sat around the table with him including Paul Heyman knew that he would achieve the goal:

“And that’s why I am gonna be Universal champion given the chance. And you know that Paul. And I know that. Kayla knows that. You know that. You know that. Nicky knows it. Laura knows it. Bryan knows it. And every single person at home sitting in the as we call it Cesaro Section knows it, and has every knows it. I appreciate you, I appreciate what you believe in, and that’s why I fight. Every single day. And I love it. Love, Paul. Because I love wrestling. Love will always succeed.”

On the February 12 edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan qualified for the blue brand’s Elimination Chamber Match on February 21 with the winner receiving an instant WWE Universal Championship Match against Roman Reigns.

Credit for the interview: Talking Smack

h/t for the transcription: Cageside Seats