Cesaro Vouched For Brodie Lee To Get Him Signed With WWE


WWE star Cesaro was recently a guest on the New Day: Feel The Power podcast and reflected on his time with Brodie Lee, and specifically when he told WWE to “hire him right now!”

The Swiss Superman and Jon Huber (also known as Brodie Lee in AEW or Luke Harper in WWE) first shared a ring together in a tag team match for NWA in 2006, and would also have a number of battles in CHIKARA, including the first-ever cage match in the promotion’s history. Cesaro reflected on those moments together, revealing the kind of opponent Brodie was to be up against:

I don’t think we had one match where he didn’t blame me for hurting him in some way. He bled in the CHIKARA cage match. It’s a super PG company and blood is a big no no. Of course, he rams his head into the pole as hard as he can and of course blames me. I just watched it back. He was like, ‘It’s you, you’re way too strong and don’t realize it.’ I hit him with like two moves and he’s like ‘Yeah, you broke my neck.’ Just nonstop crap. I would do the same to him.

Cesaro joined WWE in September 2011 and began working in FCW, followed shortly afterwards by Brodie who was signed by WWE in March 2012 – joining Cesaro in Florida. Cesaro recalled a conversation he had with WWE officials about hiring Brodie, saying:

He was one of two people — not helped hire because they both got hired because they’re friggin’ awesome — but that I put in a good word and put them over when WWE asked me about them. I told them, ‘Hire him. 100% right now’ because of what a good person he is.

There were several tweets that Cesaro published following Brodie’s passing where he reflected on good memories together. Interestingly he talked about the “dirty” tank-tops Luke Harper’s character would wear, pointing out that they were actually incredibly clean and “smelled tremendous!”. A tweet which Xavier Woods would respond to with “I can vouch! They looked disgusting but smelled of dryer sheets”.

You can hear the entire podcast here, with Cesaro, Tyler Breeze, and former tag partner Erick Rowan joining The New Day to remember the time they shared with Brodie Lee.