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Cesaro Reveals Why He Didn’t Leave WWE

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‘The Swiss Superman’ Cesaro has revealed why he never left World Wrestling Entertainment despite fans believing he has been underutilised.

A former WWE United States, Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champion, Cesaro has been part of WWE’s roster since 2012 when he made his impressive debut alongside valet Aksana. Originally said to have been dispelled from the Swiss Army and professional Rugby for being too violent, his first bout was against future partner Tyson Kidd.

Since then, the star has showed what he’s capable of if given the chance on NXT television and NXT UK pay-per-view – where he contested an absolute thriller with Ilja Dragunov in Cardiff – but has yet to reach the top of the mountain on the company’s main roster for various reasons.

Now, Cesaro has joined the New York Post to talk about why he didn’t acquiesce to fan demand to step away from WWE, citing his love of entertaining the audience on a grander stage:

“I’m extremely stubborn. It’s a good and a bad thing obviously, but I really enjoy entertaining people and I really enjoy traveling all over the world and that’s what kept me going. I still believe in hard work paying off and that’s what I wanted to do. Of course, you start to think, OK what are other options or other possibilities. How can improve my standing maybe through some outside ventures or whatever? But in the end, I just figured OK when the right moment comes I’ll be ready and I’ll knock it out of the park.”

Cesaro recently signed a new WWE contract which will keep him with the company for the next few years and has come out in an attempt to gain a shot at the WWE Universal Championship, stating that he will be champion by the time he finally does walk away from the wrestling giant forever.

The Swiss marvel will be one of the six men inside the SmackDown Elimination Chamber on February 21 with the victor receiving an immediate WWE Universal Championship Match.

Credit for the interview: New York Post

h/t for the transcription: WrestleZone