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Cesaro Reveals New Merch Idea – “Cesaro 360 I Just Swung Your Ass!”


Ahead of his much anticipated match against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 37, Cesaro sat down with Renee Paquette to discuss his life in WWE.

During the conversation, The Swiss Superman, revealed that he has a brand new merch idea, inspired by a certain Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Appearing on the Oral Sessions podcast, Cesaro revealed his fun new idea.

“I had this idea the other day. Everybody makes the fake number shirts, but this actually fits. Cesaro 360 I just swung your ass. It actually works 100%, I want Cesaro 360 shirts and signs at WrestleMania. I think that would be fun.”

An on-going theme heading into WrestleMania has been Cesaro hitting his patented Cesaro Swing on Seth Rollins. Something which has infuriated and motivated Rollins in equal measure.

During the interview with Paquette, Cesaro also opened up about how the swing came about, and which WWE Superstar was the hardest to swing.

With the swing, it came out of necessity. The first swing was in Toronto against Santino. I needed to create some kind of momentum. It’s Wrestlemania 37, I need to say it needs to be at least that [amount to swing Seth Rollins]. Khali was the hardest to swing, Big Show was straight up impossible. People with short legs and big midsections are the hardest to swing. The challenge is to just get them going, then it’s off to the races.”

The former WWE United States Champion also addressed comments made by Vince McMahon on The Stone Cold Podcast, where McMahon said he didn’t see a superstar when he looked at Cesaro.

The Swiss Cyborg explained that the fact he’s still with WWE, seven years after McMahon’s comments, says it all.

“Like on Talking Smack, so I always need to prove to someone, even if it’s me that I can do it. It’s not just one person, the thing with Vince on the podcast, of course, I’m still here. It’s almost 7 years later, I’m still here doing really well. That speaks for itself. That’s one of those that actions speak louder than words.”

Cesaro is set to face former WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins on night one of WrestleMania 37. The bout will mark Cesaro’s first single’s match at the extravaganza.

Inside The Ropes will have live coverage of the show when WrestleMania 37 night 1 kicks off at 1am BST on Saturday April 10th, followed by night 2 at 1am on Sunday April 11th!

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