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Cesaro Praises Daniel Bryan – “He Makes Everybody Better”

Cesaro & Daniel Bryan

Two of the standout performers on SmackDown in recent months have undoubtedly been Cesaro and Daniel Bryan.

While Bryan won the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match back in February, Cesaro put in a monster performance of his own, lasting over half an hour in the unforgiving structure.

In a new interview with talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy, Cesaro has outlined his respect for his rival on the blue brand, explaining how the former WWE Champion “makes everybody better.”

“Daniel Bryan is incredible to have around the locker room. I think I speak for everyone when I say he’s one of those guys that you want to have around.

“He’s so smart and so good that he makes everybody better because they have to step up their game. And that’s what I would like to be. He’s been around – I mean, I’ve known him forever, almost 15 years – his ability to create momentum is second to none.

“We were heading into WrestleMania and people were like ‘oh, he’s losing, he’s losing momentum’ – no he didn’t. He just turns it around like that [clicks his fingers]. He switches momentum and now he’s facing Roman Reigns – as he should – at Fastlane.

“So it’s great to have him around and to me, having the support of somebody like Daniel Bryan, you don’t just get it over night.

“You have to prove yourself night after night after night. So it may take a while to get there with Bryan, but it’s well worth it,”

The Swiss Superman went on to detail Bryan’s “awesome” ability to make the most of any situation that he’s presented with. Adding that he tries to make all of his time on camera memorable.

“It’s awesome. There’s no bigger compliment than people being like ‘I want to have a feud or do something with that guy’ because he’s always making the best out of every situation no matter what.

“Whether it’s two minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes, I always try to make it as memorable as possible no matter what and I think that’s the important part. That’s how you should approach life, you want to make the best out of it otherwise it’s wasted time and you’ll never get that time back.”

Daniel Bryan is set to face WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Fastlane after defeating Jey Uso in a Cage Match on the March 5th episode of SmackDown. On the upcoming edition of the blue brand Edge will return to a SmackDown ring for the first time in 10 years, again to face Jey Uso, to earn the right to be the special enforcer in Bryan’s match with Reigns at Fastlane.

Meanwhile Cesaro currently finds himself embroiled in a feud with Seth Rollins. All signs seem to suggest that the two are going to meet somewhere in the future, with Cesaro commenting that he wants face Rollins one on one at WrestleMania.