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Cesaro – “I Still Believe We Should Run A Pay-Per-View In England”


Cesaro has discussed his highly anticipated series of bouts with WALTER and says that England should get a WWE pay-per-view sooner than later.

The WWE is returning to Europe at the beginning of November and it was recently announced by the company that former US Champion Cesaro will face the record-setting former NXT UK Champion WALTER on a series of these shows.

This will mark WALTER’s first matches since he dropped the NXT UK Championship to Ilja Dragunov at NXT TakeOver 36, bringing an end to his incredible 870-day reign as champion.

Speaking to the Manchester Evening News Cesaro discussed his upcoming bout with the Austrian star and says he’s glad the match is taking place in Europe:

“He’s somebody I always wanted to face. We have a similar background, coming up through pretty much the same ranks in Europe and then travelling the world. I’m very, very excited that this is going to happen.”

“I’m even more excited to see how excited the fans are to see that much. The fact that it’s only on live events makes me strangely excited because it just means it’s hopefully a legendary match that lives on in people’s heads. The fact it’s happening in England, in Europe, is very special.”

The Swiss Cyborg then went on to say that he thinks England should be the venue for a WWE pay-per-view event in the not too distant future:

“It’s cool to see that England gets something special. I still think we should run a pay-per-view over in England. The fact that they get this match and people are excited for it makes me feel really good.”

WWE recently released their pay-per-view schedule for 2022 and a tentative show that could take place on the 3rd or 4th of September has been touted as a possible pay-per-view event that could take place across the pond for the first time since SummerSlam in 1992.