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Cesaro Names AJ Styles And Roman Reigns On List Of Dream Opponents


Cesaro heads into the upcoming 11th edition of WWE Elimination Chamber hoping to win an opportunity to face Roman Reigns for his Universal Championship. Fans have long clamoured for the Swiss Superman to get chance in the main event, and now they may just get their wish.

Fresh off the back of signing a new WWE contract Cesaro sat down with The New York Post to discuss the upcoming pay-per-view, Kofimania and why he has never left WWE.

After delving into the motivation behind his recent promo on Talking Smack, Cesaro then turned his attention to what challenges may lay ahead in WWE, and more specifically who, may lay ahead in WWE. The King Of Swing highlighted that he had never had a long singles match with Seth Rollins before calling it “an interesting possibility.”

“Seth Rollins was someone I wrestled a lot in tag matches with him and Dean Ambrose against me and Sheamus, but I don’t think we’ve had the big singles match. I’ve wrestled him on SmackDown and stuff, but that was five, six years ago. I think that’s an interesting possibility right there.”

The former RAW Tag Team Champion went on to fondly recall teaming with Tyson Kidd as “a special time” in his career before the topic of dream matches was brought up. Asked whether he had a dram match or something that he hadn’t done before which looked appealing right now, Cesaro gave an interesting answer.

“There are still guys I haven’t wrestled. Think me and A.J. (Styles) never really had a long singles match. Keith Lee, Matt Riddle just came up on Raw. There are so many guys even in NXT I haven’t had long singles matches or a singles program with. Even on SmackDown with the dynamics changing you know like Jey Uso, Roman Reigns or someone like Sami Zayn even Shinsuke I haven’t had a singles match with.”

While a potential singles match up with AJ Styles is bound to be must see action for any wrestling fan, the addition of Roman Reigns’ name could be especially interesting, with Cesaro gunning for a shot at his Universal Championship at Elimination Chamber. Should Cesaro defeat Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Jey Uso, Sami Zayn and King Corbin he will get his long-awaited chance to go one on one with the champion.

You can read a full preview of WWE Elimination Chamber here, andInside The Ropes will have live coverage of the show when the Elimination Chamber main show kicks off at midnight GMT on February 22nd.