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Cedric Alexander On Nation Of Domination/Hurt Business Comparisons

Cedric Alexander Hurt Business

WWE Raw Superstar, Cedric Alexander spoke to TVInsider and commented on comparisons between his stable, The Hurt Business and legendary faction, The Nation of Domination.

The Nation debuted in WWE in November 1996 as a black militant group based upon the Black Panther Party of the 1960s, but Alexander feels that The Hurt Business is a different type of faction.

He said:

“When we first started, people might say, ‘Oh, this is another Nation of Domination,’ “I feel like the group is a positive spin on strong, Black men. At the same time, we don’t want to spread the idea that race is the driving force.”

The 31-year-old who joined The Hurt Business in September, added that the make-up of the group just so happened to be “four, strong, black men who believe in themselves.”

Alexander explained:

“That’s a great thing to have on TV right now, especially when racial injustice is still prevalent and things are looked at so negatively. When you have four men with a positive goal in mind to succeed and be the best they can be, why not go for it?”

The Nation made stars of The Rock and Mark Henry and Alexander wants the Hurt Business to follow a similar path of success to the legendary faction:

“Right now the main goal is to have everyone draped in gold, me and Shelton going after the Raw tag team titles starting with a win over New Day in a non-title match. Long-term we want to take over WWE. I know Bobby is busy defending the United States championship. Maybe the United States championship needs to be transferred to someone else in the group with Bobby wanting a bigger prize.”

You can see Cedric Alexander and the Hurt Business in action every Monday night on Raw.