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Carmella Reveals Who She Would Form A New Day-Esque Faction With


Carmella has named two WWE stars she would like to join forces with to potentially form a ‘New Day-esque’ trios faction.

Speaking as a guest on the latest episode of WWE’s The Bump, Carmella was asked whether she has considered finding a new partner now that she has cut ties with Reginald outside of the ring – potentially to hunt down the Women’s Tag Championships.

Not only did Carmella give a specific name, but she called out two WWE stars she would love to join forces with, pointing to former NXT partner Bayley and one half of the recently split IIconics, Billie Kay.

That’s a great question. Well, I would love – there’s two choices that I’m, two people that I’m looking for.

I’m thinking either Billie Kay or I’m thinking Bayley.

If you guys ever remember NXT, BayMella, Bayley and Carmella were the best of friends. She is my best friend in and out of the ring, so that would be so much fun to be able to tag with Bayley. We would just have so much fun and destroy everybody in the meantime.

Billie Kay, I mean, c’mon, what can’t that girl do? She makes everybody laugh, she’s so talented, she used to be a Tag Champ. I mean, so did Bayley. So, I think those are two great choices.

I know Bayley likes to drink wine, so that would definitely help. I don’t know. Either one! Honestly, maybe we could be the first like, because the New Day, right, they were Tag Champs with three of them.

I’m going to put that out into the universe; Bayley, Carmella, Billie Kay. I’m trying to think of what our name would be. BayKayMella?

BayMella was a short lived partnership between Carmella and Bayley in 2016 whilst on the NXT brand, but have teamed up as recently as January this year in a match on SmackDown (Carmella pinning Sasha Banks in the process).

Billie Kay is no stranger to being in a team, The IIconics lasted for five years together before disbanding in 2020, the 2020 WWE Draft solidifying the breakup sending both on their separate ways.

Carmella recently fired her sommelier, Reginald, after he showed a little too much interest in Sasha Banks. Billie Kay was seen backstage later that night and has spent the past few months looking for a new team to join or a client to manage. Bayley’s CV speaks for itself and would be a top tier acquisition for any stable.

The name, BayKayMella, may require a tad more work – but the thought of more 3+ member factions in the WWE is welcoming, with only a handful of recognised teams left since The Hurt Business seemingly imploded this past week on RAW.

Come to think of it, aside from The New Day, do we have any? Are the Lucha House Party still a thing? Do RETRIBUTION exist anymore? Can we include the Ninjas + the 24/7 gaggle as one big stable?…