Carmella Recalls Incredible Interaction With WWE Hall Of Famer -“She Could Have Been P*ssed”


WWE Superstar Carmella has been on fire since her return to the ring and came up just short in the Women’s Elimination Chamber match for the right to face RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at Wrestlemania, making it to the final two before submitting to Asuka. The ‘Princess Of Staten Island’ has revealed that her latest ring gear is an homage to a former WWE Women’s Champion and she was unsure about the reaction of the WWE Hall Of Famer she was paying tribute to

Carmella was nervous about Lita’s reaction to ringwear

Speaking on a recent edition of After The Bell with Corey Graves, the former SmackDown Women’s Champion revealed that her new ring gear is a nod to WWE Hall Of Famer Lita and she was shocked when she realised that the former Team Xtreme member was backstage at a recent event:

So coming back knowing I was going to do my old, new version of my old character. I wanted to kind of marry my look. So you know, with the bra top that I’ve been wearing, but also going back I mean, Carmella debuted, she was wearing the joggers and the boxers showing so I kind of wanted to take that and just put a new twist on it. And so I thought, well, what better way to do that than to pay homage to Lita, you know, she had such iconic gear and I figured let me take that and kind of put my little twist on it.

Little did I know, the night that I’m debuting this gear, Lita is backstage and I am freaking out like oh my gosh, is she gonna be mad at me? She’s gonna say what are you doing? Take that off. I have nothing, no backup to wear. What am I going to do? And it was like, Hey, she was in makeup and I walked past like, Hey, I’m wearing the gear. Hey, Lita how are you? She’s like, Oh my gosh. I’m like, I hope you’re not mad. She’s like, Are you kidding? Not at all. That’s amazing. I’m like, I really wanted to pay tribute to you and she loved it. But I’m not gonna lie. I was a little scared for a minute. She could have been p*ssed at me.

The former WWE Women’s Tag Team Champion also bravely spoke about her experiences with a recent ectopic pregnancy, honesty which has rightly drawn wide praise from fans around the world.