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Carmella Health Update After Dive At Royal Rumble


Corey Graves has provided an update on the health of Carmella after she took a scary looking spill to the floor at the WWE Royal Rumble PPV.

Following the referees ejection of her sommelier Reginald from ringside at the PPV, Carmella went for a suicide dive attempt on Sasha Banks and, while Sasha did catch her, Carmella looked to still have hit her face on the ringside floor.

Talking on the most recent After The Bell podcast, Corey (Carmella’s real life boyfriend) said this about the incident:

Anyone watching when that dive happened and Carmella went sailing through the bottom rope, and I believe it’s known as a scorpion – that’s what my kids call it when we watch fail videos [and] when somebody’s feet hit the back of their head – it was not a good time.

She landed face-first and I’m pretty sure she kicked herself in the back of the head. She was a little banged up but she’s still alive, she’s still kicking, she’ll be alright.

Fortunately, Carmella escaped what could have been a serious injury. This didn’t mar the match in any way, the two went on to finish the bout in which Sasha took the victory. Corey was all praise for the current rise to title matches for his partner.

Yes, I’m biased, but I enjoyed the hell out of Sasha Banks and Carmella!

I think since Carmella has come back, she has stepped up her game. I know for a fact that she’s studying harder than ever, training harder than ever, I think it’s starting to pay off.

After her loss at the Royal Rumble, we’re yet to understand the direction Carmella (& her sommelier) will take – but with Smackdown imminent, we may find out more tonight.